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Category Archives: Environmental Effects

3 Reasons to Use Environmentally Friendly Paving

While there are many different types of pavement materials to choose from, they might not be environmentally friendly. The paving industry has been trying its best to become more eco-friendly by providing alternatives to traditional paving options.  Here are three reasons why you should consider environmentally friendly paving options when servicing a road or trying
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How Permeable Surfaces Provide Eco-Friendly Paving

On April 22, Earth Day events will be held around the globe in vigilant support for our planet and its well-being. And if there is one thing professional paving crews know a thing or two about – it’s how to generate support. Resembling traditional asphalt and concrete surfaces – yet widely regarded as a more
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Choosing a Contractor When Winter Leaves You in Need of Commercial Paver Repair

Though the winter of 2016-17 has not yet yielded a substantial snow storm, it has delivered one or two squalls that covered roads and parking lots, and inclement weather has been threatened on more than one occasion. Occasionally, that’s all that’s necessary to cause problems, particularly those leading to a need for commercial paver repair.
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3 Tips for Successful Graffiti Removal

That aerosol painting of a psychedelic butterfly certainly is colorful, but it obviously won’t fly on your office building. Graffiti has become an increasingly prominent means of expression throughout urban, and even suburban, society. If unsolicited, it is also, unquestionably, an example of vandalism. Graffiti removal, too, can be an arduous and unenviable task. Before
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5 Tips for Re-striping Your Parking Lot

While it’s said a tiger can’t change its stripes, parking lots are a different matter, altogether. Not only can your company’s parking lot markings be modified, but they should be regularly maintained to ensure your property is easily navigable. In fact, whether your business is a small startup or a corporate behemoth, parking lot striping
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Eco-Friendly Paving Options That Weren’t Available 10 Years Ago

Earth Day (April 22, 2016) is just a stone’s throw away, and while celebrations often center on the planting of seedlings and reminders to recycle, the asphalt and concrete industry also does its part with advances in eco-friendly paving. Over the course of the last 10 years, sustainable – or permeable – paving options have
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Why Fall is the Perfect Time for Commercial Waterproofing

With the summer thunderstorm season in the rear-view mirror and several months of winter weather looming ahead, autumn is the ideal time for businesses in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. to invest in commercial waterproofing for their asphalt and concrete surfaces. Water is one of the most destructive elements to pavement. This is especially true
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3 Ways Asphalt Qualifies as Environmentally Friendly Paving

Do you want your Washington, DC paving project to be environmentally sustainable? Whether you’re a church leader looking for green paving options, a university leader looking to set a sustainable example, or an HOA leader looking to appeal to environmentally conscious tenants, you have several options available. Your best bet? Asphalt pavement. Asphalt continues to be
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Top 3 Myths About Asphalt Pavement

Asphalt pavement can be a great choice for your new road, trail, parking lot, or athletic court. But you might not think so if you believe the myths. Misunderstandings about this popular paving material are keeping many people in the Washington, DC area from reaping its benefits. Do you believe any of these myths? Top 3 Myths
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