Choosing a Contractor When Winter Leaves You in Need of Commercial Paver Repair

Though the winter of 2016-17 has not yet yielded a substantial snow storm, it has delivered one or two squalls that covered roads and parking lots, and inclement weather has been threatened on more than one occasion. Occasionally, that’s all that’s necessary to cause problems, particularly those leading to a need for commercial paver repair.

The rock salt that road crews treat most surfaces with in the anticipation of a storm is incredibly corrosive. Eventually, a briny mixture of melted snow and salt can seep down into sidewalks and paved structures where it refreezes, expands, and results in splits and cracks. Left untreated, these can become larger, more problematic holes. Additionally, snow that becomes trapped in the wheel wells of vehicles throughout the winter likely contains a significant amount of this exact same salt, which can cause surprising damage when it ultimately melts onto your driveway or lot.

Salt is not the only cause for concern this winter, however. The metal blades of snowplows and shovels, when used improperly, can wreak havoc on your concrete and asphalt surfaces, scratching and scraping away at a once smooth surface.

If the initial winter months have rendered your parking lot or walkways in need of commercial paver repair, help is widely available. Most paving companies tout their ability to fill cracks and repair holes in a jiffy, but before choosing a contractor – consider the following criteria.

  • Resources and experience: Finding a contractor who has tallied years of experience in the industry is essential, as is selecting a professional that has an established relationship with local suppliers, ensuring that materials are at the ready when needed. Always make certain your contractor is licensed and insured, and review their portfolio. If they do not have examples of recent work – look elsewhere.
  • Equipment: Having the right tools for the job may sound like a cliché, but when it comes to preventing your parking lot from becoming one large sinkhole, it’s well-earned. Your paving contractor should have heavy equipment that is expertly-maintained and ready for the task at hand.
  • Communication: Pricing, timeline, warranty, and more. Successful customer service begins with honest, two-way communication. And if you feel for a second like a prospect is giving you the cold shoulder when it comes to straightforward answers, freeze negotiations and move on to the next in line.

Damage to sidewalks and walkways pose some of the largest liability risks to commercial property owners. Finding the right professional for commercial paver repair can protect your visitors and your wallet, while simultaneously boosting the curb appeal and value of your property.

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