The Newest Eco-Friendly Paving Options

While another Earth Day has come and gone, it is still essential to continue the conversation regarding eco-friendly paving options. Caring for the environment should be done throughout the year, and we here at Pro-Pave, Inc. are here to help.


Eco-Friendly Paving Options

Asphalt and concrete paving has been around for decades and has proven to work very well. However, as we move into the future, it is crucial to start considering more sustainable alternatives.


If you have been interested in learning more about the newest eco-friendly paving options, we have the answers you need. Here are our top choices: 


1. Permeable Pavers


Permeable pavers are the BEST option on the market for eco-friendly paving options. They require no asphalt or concrete use, and in most cases, are made of post-consumer recycled materials. They are strong enough to withhold hefty weight, yet they are flexible, allowing water and other natural materials to flow through. 


2. Porous Pavement 


Porous pavement is typically used on parking lots and roads, so if your business needs these types of areas redone, this may be a great eco-friendly option.


Open-graded stone beds are placed in an area of your property, and then the top is paved over. Porous pavement is eco-friendly because it allows water to drain through into the stone bed and then the soil. 


3. Open Concrete Grids 


Open concrete grids allow businesses to pave certain areas of their property while also allowing grass to grow through. We know what you may be thinking – won’t that look messy like weed overgrowth? But the answer is no! 


We know how to lay the concrete grids in a way that is stylish and aesthetically pleasing. This way, when the grass does start to grow, it complements the overall look. 


4. Recycled Asphalt & Concrete 


Recycling asphalt and concrete is a widespread practice in some areas, but many remain unaware that this option exists. These materials are mixed and laid down just like fresh asphalt and concrete, and are just as strong and durable. 


In some cases, professionals can mix your business’s current sidewalk and parking lot materials with your new pavement. Not only is recycling better for the environment, but it can also save your business money. 


Pro-Pave, Inc. has served properties throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., for more than a decade. Our asphalt business clients include some of the nation’s top building contractors, and our projects have included commercial paving work at some of the region’s most treasured sites.


We are always up to date on the latest news in paving. To find out more about environmentally-friendly paving options, or learn more about how we can help you, contact Pro-Pave today. Visit our website, or give us a call at (703) 433-9500.


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