3 Reasons to Use Environmentally Friendly Paving

While there are many different types of pavement materials to choose from, they might not be environmentally friendly. The paving industry has been trying its best to become more eco-friendly by providing alternatives to traditional paving options. 

Environmentally Friendly Paving

Here are three reasons why you should consider environmentally friendly paving options when servicing a road or trying to decide which material to use for your business’s exterior. 

1. It’s Recyclable

Believe it or not, but asphalt and concrete can actually be recycled and used time and time again. Instead of using new materials for your business’s parking lot or sidewalk, consider taking the asphalt that’s already there and mixing it in with your new surface. Not only will this help reduce the amount of waste associated with the project, but it will also lower the cost for your business. 

2. It Keeps You From Violating New Laws

New laws and regulations are frequently being passed to protect the planet and enforce environmentally friendly behaviors. To avoid problems down the road, consider investing in environmentally friendly paving options now. This way, if a new law is passed, you won’t have to redo your parking lot or roads completely. 

3. It’s Attractive To Customers

With more and more people discussing global warming now more than ever, being able to market your business as being “environmentally friendly” will be very attractive to new and existing customers. 

Examples Of Environmentally Friendly Paving Options: 

  • Pavers: Interlocking pavers are laid on top of a stone layer and are capable of supporting heavy loads. This material allows for water to be drained into the soil, which maximizes groundwater recharge. They are also longer lasting than conventional paving methods and are very cost-effective. 
  • Grass Pavers: These are composed of plastic grids and look similar to a honeycomb. These pavers are strong enough to support the weight of a vehicle and function like pavement. However, they differ from normal pavers because they allow grass to grow through them. 
  • Permeable Concrete & Porous Asphalt: As previously mentioned, companies like ours can recycle concrete and asphalt to use again in another project, which is very sustainable. However, these materials are also great because they are composed of fine particles, making it easier for drainage and water infiltration.

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