Excavation Do’s and Don’ts to Avoid During Construction

Excavation work is a crucial part of any construction project. Its purpose is to prepare a site for critical projects such as building a house or commercial establishment, installing water systems, building roads, installing pipes, and more. So, quality and safety are vital requirements for all excavations. The reason for this is that the integrity of a structure will depend on the extent to which excavation is done right. In addition, excavation work is associated with several hazards, such as falls, collapsing of nearby structures, explosions, gas leaks, electrocution, cave-ins, and drowning.  

Here are essential excavation do’s and don’ts to watch out for during construction.

Excavation Do’s

Consult Engineers

Before embarking on the project, first consult an experienced engineer. They will assess the site and nature of the project to determine its feasibility. They will also create a scope of work to help you finish the project safely and efficiently.

Hire Licensed Contractors

The only way to ensure an excavation project is done right and in accordance with quality and safety standards is to work with experienced contractors who know and are good at what they do. When selecting a contractor, check for licensure, insurance, customer reviews, history, and services offered.

Get Your Pre-Approvals and Permits in Order

The conditions for obtaining an excavation permit may vary between jurisdictions or the nature of the project. So, it’s wise to understand the rules for excavation in your state to meet the necessary pre-approval requirements to qualify for a permit.

Install Protective Systems

Safety is a top priority for any construction work, and excavation is no exception. You can explore four methods: benching, shielding, sloping, or shoring. However, it is best to work with a professional for your protective systems to ensure all safety standards are met.

Perform Regular Inspections

Have a qualified, OSHA-approved professional inspect the excavation site and work daily from project preparation to conclusion. In so doing, you’re best positioned to identify and eliminate potential health and working condition hazards.

Excavation Don’ts

Never Work on an Unprotected Site

Don’t begin work unless the site is adequately surveyed and inspected and appropriate permits provided. Even then, the site or trench must be protected using quality protective systems established by OSHA.

Don’t Place or Operate Heavy Equipment Near Excavation Edges

Please note that the available protective systems only work to support the weight of the soil from collapsing into the trench. Therefore, allowing or operating heavy machinery near the trench can cause serious accidents.

Don’t Allow Unauthorized People into the Barricaded Area

The barricaded area should always be protected, even when the work isn’t ongoing. The area should only be restricted to people working on the site. Also, proper precautions should be observed for such authorized persons.

Watch Out!

Excavation is a crucial part of any construction work. Without proper excavation, the quality and integrity of the subsequent projects, such as roads, garages, parking lot, buildings, etc., can be compromised in the long run. These are just a few tips to ensure you do any excavation job right. But unless you’re a professional with immense knowledge and experience in excavation, it is best to leave it to professionals. One simple mistake can lead to costly and irreversible outcomes.

Professional excavators like Pro-Pave Inc. can help you stay on the right side of the law and meet all quality and safety standards. Get in touch with us today to find out how.

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