Eco-Friendly Paving Options for 2023

More industries are striving to be more sustainable, and the asphalt sector is not being left behind. There has been a trend of groundbreaking technologies in the asphalt industry to help meet the needs of consumers interested in shifting to greener lifestyles. Asphalt in itself has long been a tremendously sustainable paving solution. However, several other and more innovative ideas set to shape the future of environment-friendly paving are emerging. 

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Eco-Friendly Paving Options 

Incorporate Vegetation in Uncommon Areas 

Adding plants, trees, flowers, or other vegetation to a pavement may sound absurd and impossible. But it would interest you to know that it’s an emerging trend that’s picking up fast among homeowners interested in having some greenery effect on their property for aesthetics and biodiversity. You can add vegetation in inventive new places in your parking lot, driveway, or other pavement. It is a perfectly sustainable option for when you want to surround yourself with some fresh and nice-looking plants and flowers. 

Natural Stone Paving 

Natural stone paving for outdoor areas is becoming a popular sustainable option for many homeowners. It is a perfect eco-friendly paving choice for a variety of reasons. For instance, stones are a product of nature that doesn’t require resources or other materials to produce. They’re acquired sustainably with minimal to zero harmful emissions or wastes. Stone pavers are durable and also easy and cheap to maintain. 

Perpetual Pavement 

The option combines the best of asphalt and concrete to cut on pollution associated with either. A perpetual pavement is made using many layers of a mix of both with recycled materials for durability. It can last a long time, up to three decades sometimes. You can also extend the lifespan by working with Pro-Pave Inc. to include pulverized concrete underneath the layers. 

Crushed Beach Shells Pavement 

Crushed beach shells are a perfect alternative for concrete and a sustainable option for paths and driveways. The shells are harvested from shorelines as part of cleaning the beach ecosystem. They are ground and mixed with cement to produce a durable and porous mixture used on the driveway. Sometimes, the shells can maintain their shape and color for aesthetic purposes, which is even more helpful in making the driveway porous. 

Emissions Cutting and Sound Suppressing Technology

It is not a paving option but a product of ongoing inventions to realize efficient green processes in asphalt pavement production. The effort towards sustainability in the asphalt industry has seen the emergence of sound suppression and dust-cutting technologies in machines and tools. Asphalt machines and plants will probably be quieter in the future, produce fewer emissions, and reduce dust. 

Get Eco-Friendly Paving Options

The global transition towards sustainability has also seen construction adapt accordingly. There are now a variety of eco-friendly materials, methods, and ideas to experiment with or explore for paving needs. The options above are a good place to start, but if you still do not know how to go about it, our team at Pro-Pave Inc. would be glad to assist. 

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