Our Projects

Project #1: Arlington, VA Archstone Crystal House Asphalt, Patching and Paving Project

The Arlington, VA project focuses on commercial asphalt patching, paving, milling, and striping to enhance functionality and appearance. Our Team was able to use asphalt patching and paving to repair and rejuvenate surfaces, while milling prepares for a solid foundation. We then stripped the location to organize traffic flow and define spaces for safety and efficiency.

Project #2: Sterling, VA CarMax Paving Project​

The project at CarMax in Sterling, VA, involves a comprehensive overhaul of their parking lot infrastructure. This includes asphalt paving, milling, and excavation to provide a durable and smooth surface, along with concrete curb, gutter, and sidewalk installation to enhance functionality and aesthetics. Striping and signage will be meticulously designed and implemented to organize traffic flow and improve safety within the parking lot. Overall, the project aims to transform the CarMax parking lot into a well-organized, safe, and visually appealing space, ensuring optimal functionality and customer satisfaction.

Project #3: Dulles, VA Cracker Barrel Paving Project​

In Dulles, VA, a recent paving project at the local Cracker Barrel has transformed its parking lot, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. The endeavor involved meticulous planning and execution, ensuring minimal disruption to the restaurant’s operations. With skilled workers and efficient machinery, the paving job resulted in a smooth, durable surface that accommodates increased traffic flow and provides patrons with a safe and convenient parking experience.