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The Newest Eco-Friendly Paving Options

While another Earth Day has come and gone, it is still essential to continue the conversation regarding eco-friendly paving options. Caring for the environment should be done throughout the year, and we here at Pro-Pave, Inc. are here to help.   Asphalt and concrete paving has been around for decades and has proven to work
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How To Prepare Your Pavement For Spring

Most people remember to spring clean, but many business owners forget to double-check their buildings’ exterior come springtime. If your company is located in an area that snows during the winter (just like Pro-Pave, Inc.), then you know how much damage snow can cause to your property.  The harsh winter weather can severely impact pavement,
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Top Reasons To Hire a Professional Paver in Virginia

When looking for a professional paver to help your business with a fix or renovation, there are many things to consider. What kind of products do they use? Can they get the job done correctly and efficiently? How much will it cost? These are all reasonable questions to ask yourself.  While contemplating whether or not
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