How To Prepare Your Pavement For Spring

Most people remember to spring clean, but many business owners forget to double-check their buildings’ exterior come springtime. If your company is located in an area that snows during the winter (just like Pro-Pave, Inc.), then you know how much damage snow can cause to your property. 

Prepare Your Pavement For Spring

The harsh winter weather can severely impact pavement, pipes, and other parts, and so it is essential to check for new damage or issues once spring arises. 

Pro-Pave, Inc. knows how to prepare your businesses’ exterior for all four seasons properly, but here is how to prepare your pavement for the spring. 

Check for Cracks 

If one thing is for sure, it’s that winter in Virginia can mean lots of snowfall. With lots of snow comes ice and water buildup and the potential for your pavement to crack. Once spring arrives, be sure to scan your parking lot and sidewalks for any new or existing cracks and consider filling them in to avoid injury

Fix Damage and Redo Sealcoating 

As briefly mentioned above, heavy snow and ice buildup can lead to potholes, which are super unattractive and dangerous for clients and employees. Be sure to fix all damage, and then redo your pavement’s sealcoating. Business owners should do this every couple of years, and spring is the perfect time to do it. 

Touch Up Parking Lot Paint

Another way to maintain your parking lot in the spring and stay attractive to customers is by touching up the paint on your parking lot. Be sure to redo all painted lines such as parking lot spaces, fire lanes, handicap zones, speed bumps, and more. 

Clear Edging

Weeds and other pesky plants love to sneak into the cracks in pavement and sidewalks. Once spring rolls around, consider accessing the property and eliminating these plants. If not treated properly, they can continue to grow in size under the pavement, which can weaken the area and cause a crack or hole. 

Also, trimming the parking lot edges where the grass meets the curb or the end of the lot will be aesthetically pleasing to customers. 

Stay Consistent 

The best way to keep your spring maintenance tasks down is to stay consistent throughout the year. Be sure to keep up with all the tips listed above come springtime, but also during other seasons as well. 

Spring has sprung! It’s time to upgrade your pavement. To find out more about how we can help you, contact Pro-Pave today. Visit our website, or give us a call at (703) 433-9500.

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