Soil Stabilization

The soil that lies beneath the surface impacts the quality and longevity of the pavement above. Sometimes, that layer of soil is strong enough to support the pavement. When this is the case, we use soil stabilization methods to strengthen the soil so it can withstand more weight and pressure.

The Process

Soil Assessment & Testing

We gather soil samples to test its composition and strength. This step informs us of what soil stabilization methods and materials are required.

Stabilization Treatment

Here’s a breakdown of the soil stabilization treatments we offer.

  • Compaction: We compact the soil to make it more dense
  • Grading and Slope Adjustments: We adjust the soil’s slope or grade for better drainage.

Quality Control

We check the soil routinely to make sure the stabilization method is working.

Key Benefits

Improved Soil Strength

Erosion Prevention

Increased Pavement Durability

Enhanced Stability

Prolonged Pavement Lifespan

Reduced Maintenance and Repairs

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