The Differences Between Asphalt & Blacktop

While the terms “blacktop” and “asphalt” may be used interchangeably, they actually mean two different things. 


differences between asphalt & blacktop

While asphalt is mainly composed of filler, binder, and aggregates (crushed rock, gravel, etc.), blacktop has a higher blend of stone and must be heated to a higher temperature (300 degrees Fahrenheit). However, blacktop is technically a type of asphalt, even though there can be different types.


We know this can get confusing, and so Pro-Pave, Inc. is here to clear things up. Here are the differences between asphalt & blacktop and why you should consider using each of them. 




  • Both asphalt and blacktop are composed of bitumen (made from petroleum distillation) and crushed stone. 
  • They are both ready for use about two days after being poured (weather permitting). This makes both a top choice for business owners everywhere. 
  • Similar in appearance and color; Did you know that the dark color of both products will also help ice and snow melt faster during the winter months? It’s true! The sun will reflect off the dark asphalt and blacktop and allow it to melt faster. 
  • Both are strong and reliable; Whatever material you end up choosing, both will be tremendously reliable choices for your business. 






  • Blacktop requires significantly more stone than asphalt and needs to be heated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • It is typically composed of more natural stones to give the final product a shiny and sparkling appearance.
  • Blacktop will be more durable over time because these surfaces tend to be more flexible and can be resealed instead of filled in like a crack or pothole. 
  • Typically used for:
    • Roads
    • Parking Lots
    • Driveways
    • Paved Pathways & more




  • Asphalt uses little stone and only needs to be heated to about 250 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • It is composed of solid petroleum elements that come from fossil fuel and crushed stone. 
  • It is water-resistant. 
  • Typically used for:
    • Roads
    • Airport Runways
    • Highways & More


Cement-Treated Aggregate


While blacktop and asphalt are great products to use, we also offer cement-treated aggregate services for roads and parking areas.


Cement-treated aggregate is a delicate mixture of aggregate material or granular soils combined with measured amounts of portland cement and water. After compaction and curing, it hardens to form a durable paving material.


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