3 Reasons Cement-Treated Aggregate May Be Your Best Option

Also known as cement-treated base, cement-treated aggregate (CTA) consists of a delicate mixture of aggregate material and/or native soils combined with measured amounts of Portland cement and water. After being compacted and cured, it hardens to form an incredibly durable paving material.

CTA is typically used as a base for asphalt or concrete pavement wearing surfaces, and is most often employed on highways, local roads and streets, parking lots, and airport runways, among other commercial and heavy industrial functions.

Its main benefits are three-fold:

  • It is quick: Modern technology has made the application of cement-treated aggregate swift and efficient. In many cases, local soil, gravel, sand, or silt can be processed and mixed on-the-spot at the paving site.
  • It is durable: Pavements with a cement-treated base will be exponentially stronger than those with granular components. Touted for its slab-like characteristics, cement-treated aggregate, when cured, is hard, rigid, and virtually impervious. It is resistant to freezing, frost, rain, and moisture – and continues to gain strength with time, even when subjected to heavy traffic loads.
  • It is cost-effective: Because cement-treated aggregate is stiffer and stronger, it greatly reduces the strain on pavement surfaces. This, in turn, helps to prevent cracks and other stresses, while extending the lifespan of the paving project at large.

Likewise, CTA does not need to be applied as thickly as other unbound granular options, and will still offer the same support and ability to distribute loads over a larger area. Because local materials can be used, transportation and hauling costs are reduced. And thanks to the material’s resistance to moisture, work stoppages due to rain and the elements are all but eliminated.

Fall has arrived, and it won’t be long until Jack Frost will make his presence known throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Based on its weather-resistant attributes, alone, cement-treated aggregate may be the best option for your next paving project. Paired with its immense versatility, cost-savings, and expeditious nature, it may be the perfect fit for your next industrial project.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using cement-treated aggregate instead of asphalt or concrete for your next project, contact us today at (703) 433-9500.

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