Professional or DIY Sidewalk Pouring? (It’s Not a Hard Question)

Weighing the pros and cons between DIY sidewalk pouring and enlisting the talents of professional contractor?

While the former isn’t impossible, if you’re a commercial property owner who is already dealing with heavy burdens – there’s simply no earthly reason to add concrete to the list.

This isn’t playdoh, after all. Every second counts once the mixing truck pulls up to the curb and the concrete begins barreling down the chute. Pouring concrete, in fact, demands a precise balance of measurement and calculation, and even though it may not initially seem like it at first, there is a great deal of room for error.

Planning is crucial, and professionals have the experience necessary to avoid costly missteps.

Here are just three small ways a professional contractor can help you avoid all-too common DIY sidewalk pouring pratfalls:

  • Getting started. Before concrete can be poured, the site must be meticulously prepared. That means the clearing of dirt, debris, stones, and roots from the spot where your sidewalk will eventually exist. Ensuring that the ground is level is the next, and possibly most important, step. Miscalculations at this stage can be incredibly costly, and lead to faults in the long run. Leave it to a professional contractor, who will be adept at these initial stages, as well as the installation of a sub-base level of sand or gravel that will aid in water drainage after the concrete has been poured and hardens.
  • Getting results. From recognizing a need for reinforcements, such as steel rebar, to finishing edges and joints – a professional’s skillset should not be taken for granted. Cracks and uneven foundations – in addition to being unsightly, can wreak havoc on the value of your commercial property. What’s more – if things go south, and your DIY sidewalk pouring escapade doesn’t go as expected, you could wind up with a bunch of hardened concrete to smash to bits and haul away. Experienced crews can not only offload concrete, but contractors can often arrange for delivery at a better rate than someone outside of the industry.
  • Getting it over with. Professionals simply have the right tools for the job. More importantly, you don’t have to clean up. Making short work of concrete that is drying and hardening on tools and equipment is a monotonous task – but if you hire a professional contractor, your only concern beyond writing the check is what shoes you will wear when you first walk on your brand new sidewalk.

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