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Pavement Safety Tips To Prevent Injury

The first thing a person notices when they approach a business is the parking lot. When first pulling into the parking lot to look for space, a person will typically look all around them and be cautious of any potholes or debris they may encounter. With this said, maintaining a business parking lot should be
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3 Reasons Cement-Treated Aggregate May Be Your Best Option

Also known as cement-treated base, cement-treated aggregate (CTA) consists of a delicate mixture of aggregate material and/or native soils combined with measured amounts of Portland cement and water. After being compacted and cured, it hardens to form an incredibly durable paving material. CTA is typically used as a base for asphalt or concrete pavement wearing
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Decorative Concrete Paving Options – Are They Worth the Price?

Two of the most common decorative concrete paving options – stamped concrete and interlocking concrete pavers – are often pitted against each other in “winner takes all” contests. Both, however, offer their share of benefits and weaknesses. In Support of Stamped Concrete Growing in popularity and perfect for patios, driveways, walkways, entryways, and pool decks,
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Professional or DIY Sidewalk Pouring? (It’s Not a Hard Question)

Weighing the pros and cons between DIY sidewalk pouring and enlisting the talents of professional contractor? While the former isn’t impossible, if you’re a commercial property owner who is already dealing with heavy burdens – there’s simply no earthly reason to add concrete to the list. This isn’t playdoh, after all. Every second counts once
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How to Achieve Optimal Pavement Safety at Your Property

For a moment, imagine your office complex as a safe harbor situated amidst a black sea of asphalt and concrete reefs – the only direct passage to the port in the storm that your company provides. When calm, that sea can be an enchanting and captivating vista, but unmaintained, its surface can become choppy and
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6 Ways Your Returning Students Can Wreck Your Campus Parking Lot

Colleges and universities across the country are getting ready to welcome their students back for another year of learning and, let’s be honest, partying. But beware; every one of your students—whether a bright-eyed freshman or a seasoned senior—can wreak havoc on your campus parking lot in a number of ways: Ordering too many things from
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3 Hallmarks of Reliable Concrete Paving Contractors

When you’re searching for the best concrete paving contractors in Maryland, Washington DC, or Virginia, you should consider more than just a company’s reputation. Regardless of the scope of your project, you’ll need your paving company to be reliable and responsive before, during, and after work is completed. Here are three signs to look for
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How to Tell if Your Concrete Sidewalk is Safe

Concrete sidewalks are common in residential and commercial areas across Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC. But some of them are not up to par. And the consequences to property owners can range from lost curb appeal to major lawsuits due to injuries. If not poured or maintained properly, your new concrete sidewalk could
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