How to Melt Ice On Paved Surfaces Without Damaging Concrete

As mid-Atlantic residents, we’re no strangers to ice and snow throughout the winter. Maryland, Virginia, D.C., and the surrounding area are subject to tough climate conditions that can wreak havoc on your paved surfaces. Plus, it’s unsafe for pedestrians or customers at your business to walk on icy paved surfaces. That’s why our team at Pro Pave Inc. has rounded up a few helpful ways to melt ice and snow on your paved surfaces without damaging the concrete or asphalt underneath them. Keeper reading to learn more! 

What Causes Damage

Before we get into safe practices to melt snow and ice on your paved surfaces, let’s first explore what not to do. It may come as a surprise that using salt to melt snow and ice on your surfaces can actually cause extensive damage. Applying salt to your paved surfaces may seem like a quick fix, but it can cause the surfaces of the concrete or asphalt to pit and eventually crack or break. Not only can rock salt be corrosive to the surface, but it is also an unfriendly material when it comes to the environment. 

Prevent Damage with These Tips

Now that you know not to use rock salt to remove snow or ice from your paved surfaces, let’s discuss potential alternatives. 

  • Apply an Abrasive: Natural abrasive materials like sand or granules are a great way to melt ice and snow from your paved surfaces. Applying these materials can help improve traction and make your commercial surfaces safer for pedestrians. While abrasives will not literally melt the snow or ice away, they can serve as a helpful alternative to the damaging effects of salting your paved surfaces. 
  • Shovel First: Shoveling is definitely not a preferred activity – it can take a great deal of effort. However, it’s a tried and true way to keep your paved surfaces safe while clearing away snow and ice. 
  • Invest in Snow Melt Mats: This can be a costly endeavor, but investing in snow mats can help keep the entry of your business free of snow and ice. One thing to note is that snow mats will require electricity, so consider the cost of using one before purchasing.
  • Sealcoat the Surface: Sealcoating your paved surfaces can help prevent damage from melting ice and snow. We recommend sealcoating paved surfaces at least every three years to prevent moisture from leaking into the material and damaging the area. 

If you need help dealing with snow or ice on your commercial paved surfaces then give Pro-Pave Inc. a call. Pro-Pave, Inc. has established a reputation as one of the Washington, DC area’s most reliable paving companies. We know everything to know about asphalt paving. 

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