10 Fun Facts About Asphalt Pavement

From city parking lots to residential driveways, you can find asphalt pavement just about anywhere. Aside from its popularity as a building material, there are many things you probably don’t know about this common building material. The experts at Pro Pave Inc. have rounded up 7 fun facts about asphalt pavement, so keep reading below! 

Fun Fact #1: Asphalt is the world’s most recycled product

That’s right! Asphalt is the most recycled product in the world. The National Asphalt Pavement Association touts that over 99% of asphalt material is recycled. Oftentimes, existing asphalt pavement is removed for widening or resurfacing projects, then recycled for reuse in future projects.

Fun Fact #2: Asphalt has many names

There are many ways to refer to asphalt pavement. Pitch, tarmac, blacktop, asphalt concrete, 

and asphalt pavement can all be used interchangeably to describe asphalt material. 

Fun Fact #3: A Professor invented modern road asphalt

In 1870, Professor Edward J. de Smedt invented modern road asphalt at Columbia University. He was a Belgium immigrant and originally called the material “sheet asphalt pavement.” 

Fun Fact #4: Asphalt is on most U.S. roads

There are 2.6 million miles of paved roads in the United States and over 94% of them are surfaced using asphalt. The National Asphalt Pavement Association states there are approximately 18 billion tons of asphalt pavement on America’s roads (and counting!)

Fun Fact #5: Asphalt can reduce noise levels on roads

Highways that are paved in asphalt material can reduce noise levels by up to 5 decibels, which is probably why it’s the preferred material used on road surfaces. It’s preferable to noise walls, which do not reduce noise nearly as much. 

Fun Fact #6: Asphalt’s smooth surface helps vehicle efficiency

In addition to reducing noise, asphalt pavement surfaces are smooth, which helps with a vehicle’s fuel consumption. Not only are smoother asphalt roads nicer to drive on, but it helps keep drivers safe and it causes less wear and tear on vehicles. 

Fun Fact #7: Even Egyptians used asphalt

That’s right! Bitumen (another common name for asphalt) was used in the first century BC. Ancient Egyptians used asphalt to embalm the dead. Little has been documented of this process, but it’s still a pretty interesting fun fact.

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