Pavement Safety Tips To Prevent Injury

The first thing a person notices when they approach a business is the parking lot. When first pulling into the parking lot to look for space, a person will typically look all around them and be cautious of any potholes or debris they may encounter. With this said, maintaining a business parking lot should be a top priority for property or business owners. 

Pavement Safety Tips

To leave a good impression on potential customers and keep employees safe, be sure to check out these pavement safety tips.

Pavement Safety Tips

Fix Uneven Pavement 

Are you familiar with that one part of the sidewalk that sticks up just a little higher than the rest of the sidewalk squares? The one that seems to be there only to trip you up? We’ve all been there! There are several reasons why this happens, but the most important thing is to fix it as soon as it does. 

To avoid injury on your property, be sure to monitor the pavement in both the parking lot and the sidewalk

Enforce Proper Maintenance During The Winter

If your business is located in a place where it snows during the winter, it is important to plan for when this happens. For example, if a snowstorm sweeps through your town and heavy snow accumulates in your parking lot, you’ll want to have a plan for who will plow it and when. 

Spreading salt along the pavement and walkways is also essential to avoiding injury by employees or customers. Anything that a business or property owner can do to keep everyone safe from harm due to the elements should be done. 

Fill In Cracks & Potholes

Cracks and potholes in the parking lot or sidewalk are a huge risk and can lead to serious injuries. If a person unknowingly walks into a pothole, they can end up breaking their foot, or worse. Although these are common and are likely to happen everywhere, companies must consistently service them to avoid issues and promote pavement safety. 

Quickly Clean Up Debris 

If a storm happens overnight and your business parking lot is filled with debris in the morning, be sure to clean it up before opening for the day. Obstacles such as large branches, spilled garbage, downed wires, and more can put your customers and employees in danger, which may lead to injury. Be sure to properly maintain your parking lot after a storm to avoid any issues. 

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