3 Benefits Of Paving In The Summertime

The summer time is not only good for it’s nice warm weather, but it is also the perfect season to begin asphalt paving. Weather has an influence over how easy or difficult it is to lay asphalt. Asphalt paving is a good solution to fix your pavement needs, see why paving in the Summertime is the best time for you.


Paving In The Summertime


Here are 3 benefits of paving in the summertime:


#1 Smoother Finish


The warmer weather makes for an overall quicker and more efficient process. 

Asphalt paving is a process that requires the perfect amount of timing. During the warm weather asphalt takes a longer time to officially harden and cool. This is an important factor for the process because it gives the pavement team enough time to smooth and sharpen asphalt while it lays. After the asphalt is laid a sealant is applied to finish the job. Hot asphalt increases the time it takes for sealant to dry which will allow the surface to be unusable much faster. A smooth finish will increase the longevity of the pavement which will be more cost effective. 


#2 Availability


Just like you can probably imagine, summer is more desirable to work in. Asphalt paving crews enjoy working during the warmer seasons because the job is easiest for them. Along with the warmer weather summer brings, there is also more daylight available, This makes finding help for a pavement job much easier because of the increased availability. This not only provides more work hours in the day for professionals but also provides the customer with enough flexibility to schedule a project for whatever time best suits them. The more daylight in a day gives the pavement crew enough time to finish the job which in the long run will be cheaper as you save on labor cost.


#3 Low Chance of Inclement Weather 


While working in the warm weather, the asphalt mixture has enough time to properly remain stable and cool effectively without inclement weather damaging the material. If it were to rain on a pavement job this could cool the hot mixture making it difficult for the materials to bond. Working to pave the asphalt in the colder weather speeds up the time for the asphalt to harden which sometimes doesn’t give enough time for the pavement team to smooth and sharpen the asphalt causing bumps and uneven ridges. Inclement weather can simply prolong the pavement job making it harder for things to go right which will increase cost and warranties in the future. 


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