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6 Tips for Commercial Pavement Upkeep

As a business owner, you know how important it is to maintain your organization’s pavement surfaces. After all, the entry of your business is your customers’ first impression of your organization. So how can business owners help keep their commercial pavement spaces maintained and in good order? The experts at Pro Pave Inc. have rounded
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How to Melt Ice On Paved Surfaces Without Damaging Concrete

As mid-Atlantic residents, we’re no strangers to ice and snow throughout the winter. Maryland, Virginia, D.C., and the surrounding area are subject to tough climate conditions that can wreak havoc on your paved surfaces. Plus, it’s unsafe for pedestrians or customers at your business to walk on icy paved surfaces. That’s why our team at
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10 Fun Facts About Asphalt Pavement

From city parking lots to residential driveways, you can find asphalt pavement just about anywhere. Aside from its popularity as a building material, there are many things you probably don’t know about this common building material. The experts at Pro Pave Inc. have rounded up 7 fun facts about asphalt pavement, so keep reading below! 
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