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The Top Ways Commercial Property Maintenance Can Help Your Business

The first thing a person notices when they visit a business for the first time is what the exterior looks like. From the parking lot to the sidewalks, to the building’s entrance – customers old and new will take notice and judge accordingly.  With this said, it is essential to invest in commercial property maintenance
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3 Tips for Re-striping Your Parking Lot

Have you ever pulled into a parking lot and tried to park but struggled to find a space? It is natural for parking lot stripes to wear over time, but hard-to-see lines make for a parking lot that is difficult to navigate.  To avoid customer confusion, be sure to maintain your parking lot stripes regularly,
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Pavement Safety Tips To Prevent Injury

The first thing a person notices when they approach a business is the parking lot. When first pulling into the parking lot to look for space, a person will typically look all around them and be cautious of any potholes or debris they may encounter. With this said, maintaining a business parking lot should be
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The Top 3 Ways Students Can Wreck Your Campus Parking Lot

In most states across the country, students have returned to the classroom in one way or another. Whether it be full-time or through a hybrid model, students are driving back to campuses everywhere, eager to return to in-person learning.  However, with this added traffic comes potential wear and tear to your parking lot. To prevent
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