Why You Need Cement-Treated Aggregate

Cement-treated aggregate (CTA) or cement-treated base, is an intimate mixture of manufactured aggregate and/or native soils with a calculated quantity of Portland cement and water. The mixture is then compressed and cured to form a strong, durable, frost-resistant, and all-around paving material.  Because of its robustness and versatility, CTA is widely used as a base or subbase for concrete or asphalt pavement surfaces—for example, roads, highways, airports, streets, and parking lots. 

Reasons for choosing CTA as a paving solution are plenty. 

Why Choose Cement-Treated Aggregate 

Stiffer and Stronger Base  

CTA helps build a toucher and a more durable base that can withstand heavier traffic than an unbound granular base. The significance of this is reduced stress on asphalt or concrete surfaces that may cause cracking, potholes, depressions, rutting, and raveling. As a result of its long-lasting benefits, CTA can extend the lifespan of your pavement. 

Increased Water Resistance 

Moisture intrusion is known to destroy unstabilized pavement bases. The case is different for CTA, in which cement is used to stabilize bases. CTA keeps moisture out while maintaining high levels of strength. So, you won’t have to worry about the detrimental effects of water saturation on your pavement surface. 

Ability to Maintain a Stable Working Platform 

The ability to continue working despite harsh weather conditions and traffic use is CTA’s biggest advantage from a construction point of view. The traditional bases are not designed to support working during inclement weather. Also, construction can progress with minimal disruption to the traveling public. In other words, work can go on despite weather and traffic conditions. 

Cost-Saving Advantages 

A CTA base can save you money in ways that a conventional base cannot. For instance, thanks to a stronger and more resistant base that prolongs the pavement surface, you can save immensely on unnecessary repairs and maintenance. In addition, CTA lets you save significantly since you can use local soils or in-place materials.  

Enhanced Heat Retention Properties 

CTA has a greater level of thermal conductivity due to its density, unlike the unbound granular base. As such, it can absorb heat during warm weather and release it in cooler periods—for example, overnight. 

Quick and Efficient 

The application of a CTA base is swift and more efficient than conventional bases. This is because you can use a wide range of in-situ soils and manufactured aggregates to eliminate time wasted waiting for select granular aggregates. 

Get  CTA Today

The benefits of CTA as a base or subbase of pavements are tremendous. It can help you save hugely on construction and maintenance costs while prolonging your pavement surface’s lifespan. CTA as a paving material can only fulfill these benefits if it’s mixed right by professionals using quality machines. So, ensure you work with a reputable company like Pro-Pave, Inc. for your CTA needs. 

If you’d like to learn more about CTA, its benefits, or how we can serve your paving needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.  



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