When to Consider Commercial Waterproofing

Moisture control is one of the most important aspects of building maintenance. When moisture seeps into your building, it can bubble paint, grow black mold or worse. Waterproofing your commercial space is the answer! Waterproofing keeps your building clean and dry, much like putting a rain jacket over your property. Here are a few reasons to invest in commercially waterproofing your building. 


Commercial Waterproofing


Weather Protection

Winters in Maryland bring snow and ice, which can potentially weaken the structural integrity of your building. When snow and ice find their way into gutters, window blinds or basement drains, your building has to be ready to protect itself from these outside elements. 


Invest in Your Building

Think of commercially waterproofing your building as an investment. A water-free building will reap returns when it comes time to go on the market. While it may seem like a costly endeavor up-front, it will be beneficial to you as an owner in the long run.


Roofing Considerations

Roof repair can become extremely expensive when water is involved. If excessive moisture has diminished the shingles on your building’s roof, this could lead to structural damage that can destroy your building’s interior. 


Building Aesthetic

A building leak is not only a headache, but it can look terrible to your visitors. Moisture can bubble the paint around the interiors of your building. If a leak makes its way into a room, it can create an eyesore by staining the ceiling or wall. Concrete that has too much moisture can lead to cracks, which is bad for the appearance of your building. Waterproofing your building can prevent these unsightly features caused by water damage. 


Protect the Interiors

Waterproofing your building means that your carefully chosen interior decor will not be ruined by unexpected leaks or moisture. That means you can include beautiful hardwood floors without the worry of the wood warping over time. 


Health Reasons

One of the most dangerous aspects of moisture is the onslaught of health hazards that follow. Sanitary leaks or floods can bring harmful pathogens and bacteria into your building, which can become potentially fatal. You assume many risks as a business owner and your building should not be one of them. 


Save Money

Constantly repairing a leaky roof or other surfaces of your building can become a real headache. Choose to be proactive and have a professional commercially waterproof your building. This will save you time and money, which are both extremely valuable as a business owner.


Work With Pro-Pave, Inc. To Waterproof Your Building:


Whether you’re building is old or new, it should be properly assessed for waterproofing. Pro-Pave, Inc. has established a reputation as one of the Washington, DC area’s most reliable commercial waterproofing companies. Since 2001, Pro-Pave has provided asphalt paving, concrete paving, and property maintenance services to various customers, including churches, colleges and universities, retailers, HOAs, and more.


We are always up to date on the latest ways to maintain a commercial building. To find out more about how we can help you, contact Pro-Pave today. Visit our website, or give us a call at (703) 433-9500.


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