What is Excavation and When is it Needed?

Pro-Pave Inc., is proud to offer excavation services to Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia areas. Excavation is an important service that we specialize in, but many business owners are unaware of what goes into this type of project. We’re here to breakdown what an excavation project is, details about the process and when it is needed. Read more below!




What is Excavation?

Simply put, excavation is the process of moving materials from the earth with tools, equipment or explosives. Common materials that are removed typically include dirt and rocks. The method for excavation includes trenching, tunnelling or going underground to clear an area. Construction is generally the most common reason for excavation, as it clears an area to lay a proper foundation or road. Excavation requires unique skills and machinery for proper completion of a job. A poorly excavated area can wreak havoc on an area later down the line. It’s important to ensure the job is done right the first time to lay a proper foundation.


What Happens During an Excavation?

The excavation process is made easier with the use of machinery and the expertise necessary to get the job done. Before excavation can begin, the job site must be carefully inspected to ensure the surrounding area is preserved properly before the project begins. Next is assessing the area for the size and depth required of the excavation. Once these two steps are complete, then the excavation can begin. The excavation project includes many details, like the protection of drains, setting the right boundaries and ensuring the ground is level. An experienced excavation company will know the right processes to follow to ensure the project runs smoothly and efficiently.


How Long Does an Excavation Take?

Times can vary based on the project, but generally a project to create a new foundation takes anywhere from 3-5 days, or up to three weeks. Based on the scope of the project, the right excavation professional can provide you with an accurate estimate and time frame for your project. 


When to Schedule an Excavation Project

Determining when a project should occur may be easy, but that isn’t always the same case when choosing the right professional. You want to select a company that has the experience, skill and tools necessary to get the job done. Creating the right foundation for your project is essential in saving money (and a headache) later down the line. Safety is an important measure to keep in mind – you want to always select a company that prioritizes the safety of its employees and other people above all else.


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