Important Things to Ask Your Paving Professional

Starting a paving project is not a subtle investment. In order for a pavement job to be completed to its fullest potential, it requires technical work from a professional. I know we all like to handle certain things around the house to save money. However, a job like this will happen a lot more efficiently with trained experts. Here are things to ask your paving professional about before hiring.


paving professional


What’s The Resume?


I don’t think you would necessarily go to just anybody to have surgery performed. You want an experienced surgeon who knows what they are doing. Just like any service you invest in, you want to make sure this paving company has years of experience. Put your trust in a company with many years of experience, the more experience the better. 


Don’t be afraid to also ask about any licensing or insurance. An experienced company should have many certifications that highlight the good work that they do. A paving company without insurance is something to keep in mind when looking to hire. Suppose one of the workers gets injured on the job, you want to make sure that this isn’t a liability on you or your business.


What work do you specialize in?


There are two specific types of work that paving companies provide, which are commercial and residential. It would be a shame to hire the wrong company for a job they do not specialize in. Commercial jobs are much different than residential jobs and require different things from the pavement crew. Starting with this small detail could save your business time in the research process.


What are some past projects?


Any paving company is looking to showcase the past work they have completed as evidence for new clients. Asking to look at before and after pictures of past projects can help decide the type of quality the paving company provides. 


If the company is legitimate, they will also have some reputable referrals from past customers. Before hiring a paving company, try asking for a few referrals. This will allow you to ask past clients specific questions about the companies performance. Receiving high praise from past clients will only make you feel more secure in hiring the right team.


How Much?


The most important question to ask is how much is this service hurting your wallet. Finding out what a company can provide for its price can allow you to compare multiple companies. Express your budget range with the potential company you are hiring to see if you can negotiate the best price to fit you and your business.


Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask about hidden fees or charges. It happens frequently that clients are billed for unexpected expenses that they were unaware of. Therefore, have a drawn-out plan of where all the money is being spent, so it doesn’t hurt you later!


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