How Asphalt Grading Can Help Your Business

Every new project and creation needs a starting point, in other words, a foundation. Building a firm foundation makes for a much more efficient process down the road. Drawing the outline for something can seem daunting at first, especially when you are eager to complete a project. However, establishing the groundwork before the project takes place will lead to a more organized finish. Find out the importance of surface grading and why it can help your business.


Asphalt Grading


What is surface grading?


Surface grading is the process before the pavement begins the project. This process helps prepare the work area by establishing a framework in which the asphalt will be laid. This process will also help in following local guidelines. 


Why is it important?


The success of a project depends on the leveling and durability of a surface. It also allows the paving team to clear any unwanted runoff water from underneath the working area. Water is asphalt’s worst enemy and if left untreated it can increase the speed of erosion damage. 


An asphalt team knows when Grading is most effective due to the multiple factors that go into surface grading. Normally, the warmer months are the best time for grading to take place because you want to avoid precipitation and cold weather from delaying the pouring process.


What is Asphalt Grading?


Asphalt penetration grading simply refers to a means of specifying the viscosity, consistency, or fluidity of the asphalt. Understanding the different types of grade helps the pavement team determines which asphalt will be used best for the job.  


There are four main types of penetration grade measurements: 60-70, 85-100, 120-150, and 200-300. The most frequently used grade for pavements is 85-100. For most commercial jobs, 120-150 and 60-70  grade is primarily used. 120-150 grade is used for relatively light trafficked pavement. 60-70 is usually used only in pavements where traffic is very heavy such as city streets. These measurements are all things your pavement team should know. Pro-Pave knows exactly what penetration grade to apply for your business’s exterior.


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