The Importance of Edging Your Asphalt Driveway

Is your asphalt driveway boring? Do you feel it’s not as durable as it should be? Are you after a cleaner and sleeker finish that enhances your property’s aesthetic attractiveness? If so, edging is the solution. Driveway edging does more than just boost your curb appeal; it extends the lifespan of your driveway materials, protects your landscape, defines edges, prevents damages, and more. If you’re considering but still unsure about edging your asphalt driveway, read on to discover its top benefits. 


Why You Should Edge Your Asphalt Driveway 

Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Driveway and Home 

Looks aren’t everything, some may argue, but they do matter. Edging will add a decorative accent to your driveway and property as a whole. It can make your driveway more dynamic and appealing. 

Besides, investing in driveway edging is a great way to boost your property’s value. It gives a premium look to your home’s entrance, thereby increasing its price. Edging your driveway is particularly a great idea if you want to sell your property. 

Protect The Driveway and Lawn

Another reason to consider adding edging to your driveway is that it makes it much more substantial. Over time, an un-edged asphalt driveway will get worn out, weathered, and crappy. So, an edge will save you the fuss of maintaining your driveway by making it more durable. 

Your lawn will also thank you for the edging. Let’s face it, people don’t take paths seriously unless barriers are well-established. If your driveway is un-edged, unfortunately, people will walk or even drive on your lawn.  

Lower the Cost of Maintenance 

The condition of the un-edged driveway degrades more quickly than its edged counterpart. So, you will spend more time and resources maintaining the quality of your un-edged asphalt driveway. For instance, most people are concerned about the asphalt edges crumbling when it rains or when tires go over them, cracks, and even loss of accents on the borders. You’ll no longer have to worry about disintegrating the driveway with proper edging. 

Enhance Safety 

It’s a problem knowing where to pull in, park, or even walk on an un-edged driveway in dim light or darkness. Proper edging provides distinguishing guidelines that make it easy and safe to walk, drive, and park even in dim situations. 


Bottom Line and How Pro-Pave Can Help 

Some homes may not qualify as opulent estates, but certain finishing touches are good enough to give them a distinct aesthetic impression that could be featured in a popular architectural magazine. These touches start with the driveway, the first introduction to your home. It doesn’t matter how appealing your freshly paved asphalt driveway looks, it can look way better with proper edging. 

And edging isn’t only limited to beautifying your home and multiplying its value. It protects your asphalt driveway and landscaping, ensures safety, and saves you the cost of maintenance. However, you can only realize these benefits with proper installation. 

Pro-Pave, Inc. is a premier commercial concrete and asphalt paving company. We’re certified, insured, and licensed to handle all kinds of jobs. We’re a pro-client, pro-quality, and pro-safety professional company, meaning we’ll stop at nothing to deliver to your expectations. 

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