Eco-Friendly Paving Options That Weren’t Available 10 Years Ago

eco-friendly paving

Earth Day (April 22, 2016) is just a stone’s throw away, and while celebrations often center on the planting of seedlings and reminders to recycle, the asphalt and concrete industry also does its part with advances in eco-friendly paving.

Over the course of the last 10 years, sustainable – or permeable – paving options have grown in prominence thanks to their stormwater management capabilities. An alternative to traditional asphalt and concrete, yet resembling them in appearance, such surfaces permit water to pass through and seep into the ground, thereby improving water quality, reducing run-off, flooding and pollution, and leading to more environmentally-sound communities.

Examples include:

  • Pervious (permeable) concrete and porous asphalt – Durable and porous, both choices are manufactured without the use of “fine” particles, allowing for water infiltration and drainage and eliminating noxious run-off.
  • Pavers – Installed mechanically, permeable interlocking pavers rest atop a layer of stone or aggregate, which also allows for the beneficial drainage of water into the soil, maximizing groundwater recharge. They are cost-effective, capable of supporting heavy loads, and are longer lasting than conventional paving surfaces.
  • Grass pavers – Sometimes referred to as honeycomb pavers, grass pavers are composed of a plastic grid structure that functions like pavement and can support the passage of vehicles, but allows grass to grow through to foster a lush, green landscape.

While green living is an increasingly common practice, incentives exist to incorporate eco-friendly paving options into landscape design. Adopters may even be eligible to receive LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits for storm water control and water-efficient landscaping.

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