Considerations for Paving a School Parking Lot

When it comes to properly paving a school parking lot, there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. Every property is different, just like the school’s inhabitants! While safety is obviously a priority, there are other considerations to keep in mind when paving a school parking lot.

school parking lot

Safety First

School parking lots are a hub of activity for many young children and families. Safety should be a top priority when designing a parking lot for the space. School parking lots can be dangerous spaces if not properly marked and organized in a way that keeps everyone safe. Be sure to hire a team of experts with a professional paving company to ensure that the parking lot is as safe as possible.


Funding Considerations

Many educational institutions have set budgets in place, so that will need to be taken into consideration when planning and scheduling a new parking lot project. 


Create Accessibility

There are strict guidelines and rules in place by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) that educational institutions must comply with, especially when creating a new parking lot. All parking lots need to be accessible for students and families with disabilities. This is particularly important to remember with parking lot restoration projects. An expert paving company will be able to guide you and your educational institution through this process to avoid any litigation issues in the future.


Proper Maintenance

When managing educational institution parking lots, sometimes you may be dealing with more than one parking lot space. Oftentimes you can also have a limited budget to work with. When this happens, you want to be sure you’re completing the proper maintenance to ensure the parking lot stays in its best shape. Safety concerns should always be addressed first, but there are also other considerations, like aesthetic considerations.


Clear Signage

Educational institution parking lots are very busy places with a buzz of activity. As cars come and go from the parking lot, your organization needs to ensure that all areas have proper signage and striping to help avoid any kind of accidents.


Keep Environmental Issues in Mind

Depending on the location of your educational institution, it may be necessary to secure proper permitting for erosion or storm water draining. Hiring the right professional paving company will ensure that your business is protected and has pulled all the right permitting to make your project a reality.


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