Common Equipment for a Paving Job

There is no shortage of construction projects happening nationwide right now. Typically with every construction project, you will see a paving company in tow, ready to create or update a parking lot or road project nearby. Paving projects require massive and high-tech equipment to get the job done right. If you’ve ever driven by a new paving project and wondered what kind of machinery is required, we have you covered on the blog. We’ve rounded up the typical equipment needed for a paving job to get clients the best results possible on their next project!


Equipment for Paving


Asphalt Pavers

One of the more common kinds of equipment is a classic Asphalt Paver. These machines are the bread and butter of nearly all paving projects across the world. Asphalt Pavers pour hot asphalt mix into the rear of the machine. At the back of the Asphalt Paver is a screed, which is a tool that measures the thickness and width required for the job. The screed determines how much asphalt mix to pour onto a surface and discharges it as needed from the back of the machine. Asphalt Pavers can be used for a variety of projects large or small, from repaving a driveway to pouring asphalt over a new commercial parking lot space.


Cold Planers

If you are not starting from scratch and instead repaving a surface, then a Cold Planer machine is required. A Cold Planer removes the existing asphalt from a surface so a new layer can be poured on top of it. If your space has cracks, slopes or potholes, you will most likely see a Cold Planer on the job site to remove that top layer. A Cold Planer has very sharp cutting teeth to remove the existing asphalt layer. What’s left behind is a smoother surface that new asphalt can be poured onto.



The role of a Compactor is to ensure that all air is removed from the freshly poured asphalt surface. When asphalt is poured and sufficiently smoothed, this can ensure the surface is structurally stable and properly installed. There are two kinds of compactors typically seen on a paving job: steel wheel rollers and pneumatic tire rollers. 


Dump Trucks

Of course, dump trucks will need to be on-site for a paving project. Dump trucks are commonly used in paving projects to remove debris and other material that is no longer needed at the construction site. There are many different kinds of dump trucks to choose from: Bottom Dump, End Dump, Live Bottom and more. 


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