After the Asphalt Project

Congratulations! Your newest asphalt paving project is complete. Now how do you ensure that the newly paved surface is being provided top-notch maintenance and upkeep to protect your investment? A properly paved asphalt surface can last for decades if it is maintained well. If you neglect the asphalt surface, then you may see signs of wear much faster, like cracks in the surface. We are sharing a few helpful Do and Don’t tips for your newly paved asphalt project surface!


Asphalt Project


DO Allow Time to Dry

This is a very important step to ensuring your asphalt paving surface lasts. As soon as asphalt is dry, vehicles can drive on it and pedestrians can walk over it. However, it takes time to fully dry an asphalt surface, usually about 24 full hours after pouring. After 24 hours, it can take up to a full year for your asphalt surface to fully cure. A properly cured asphalt surface is time-consuming but essential to ensure the strength of your parking surface. For about one full year after the asphalt is poured, we recommend monitoring and restricting how much vehicle weight is allowed on the surface. Make sure vehicles are not parked on the surface for extended periods of time. Always encourage vehicle drivers to exercise caution on the surface, too. Once the surface is fully cured, we recommend applying a sealcoat to it, which will help the surface stay top-notch. Seal coating should be applied every 3-5 years after initial application. 


DO Remove Harmful Elements Quickly

The reality of living in the Washington, D.C. area is that most parking surfaces will experience ice and snow. Asphalt needs to have as little water on the surface as possible, because it is such a porous material. When water from ice or snow melts into the porous surface of asphalt, the moisture can build up and cause huge problems for you down the line. Always remove ice and snow in a timely manner. The same goes with oil or fuel spills. The chemicals in oil and gas can break down the components that hold asphalt together. This can be a very fast process, too. So if you notice an oil or gas spill in your asphalt surface, clean it immediately!


DO NOT Ignore the Little Things

You just invested a great deal of time and money into this paving project. Don’t ignore the little things that can add up and affect the effectiveness of your newly paved surface. Some examples of little issues that need to be addressed are weeds around the edge of your pavement. Always ensure they are trimmed back, so they don’t begin taking root under the surface of the asphalt. If you are seeing new cracks or fissures in the surface of the asphalt, address them quickly to avoid issues down the line.


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