Pavement Striping Tips

There’s no better first impression to your customers than a freshly painted parking lot. Clean and organized parking lines with updated signage are two very important investments that all businesses should consider. When a customer drives into your business, they need to be able to find a parking spot quickly and efficiently. Proper signage and clean parking lot striping can help them accomplish just that. Here is what Pro-Pave recommends before starting a new parking lot striping and signage project.

Pavement Striping Tips

Deep Clean the Surface

One of the most important first steps to take is to make sure the surface of the parking lot is as clean as possible. It may surprise you to learn that you actually do not have to remove the current parking lot striping paint before repainting the lines. So we recommend leaving those current painting stripes alone. However, everything else on the surface should be deep cleaned to ensure the parking lot is prepped and ready for painting. Generally speaking, the parking lot needs to be swept as cleanly as possible. We recommend using an industrial strength leaf blower to remove as much debris as you can, then sweeping with a large broom. There are also wire brushes available for purchase that can clean hard to reach places. Another tip that might surprise you is to skip power washing the parking lot. While power washing a surface is a quick way to clean the area, it does take a few days for the parking lot to fully dry. In the meantime, the surface can collect more debris and dirt while you are waiting for it to dry, so we don’t recommend this practice. 


Clear the Parking Lot

Another important challenge you may face is to make sure the parking lot is clear – and stays clear. All vehicles will need to be removed from the lot prior to painting. If there are vehicles in the lot that are unfamiliar to you or your employees, call a towing company to remove them before beginning your project. We also recommend investing in prominent cone placement, so that new drivers do not try to use the parking lot in off-business hours. Business owners can even consider hiring an overnight security guard to ensure the parking lot stays empty before painting. 


Mold Considerations

In many places, mold and mildew are common environmental factors that can affect your parking lot painting project. Luckily, there are cleaning solutions available for purchase that can safely and effectively eliminate mold before you begin your project. One downside to a property having a mold presence is that removing it can take some time, so be sure to factor that into your planning timeline before beginning a new parking lot painting project. 



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