3 Fastest-Growing Asphalt Construction Jobs

asphalt constrcution jobs

Is your New Year’s Resolution to get a new job? Are you a pavement professional? Do you want an exciting, action-packed career instead of sitting at a desk all day? Look no further. Asphalt construction jobs are for you.

If you’re searching for asphalt construction jobs in Maryland, Washington DC, or Virginia, you should consider the top 3 fastest-growing positions in the field.


It takes a very analytical and organized person to accurately estimate the cost of asphalt construction projects. Everything from the cost of materials, labor, equipment and subcontractors needs to be accounted for. It is the Estimator’s duty to make sure the project’s budget is on track.

Someone who is good with math and has paving/construction experience is perfect for this position.

Project Manager

Put your pavement knowledge to the test as a Project Manager. As far as asphalt construction jobs go, project managers require the most familiarity with the industry. As a project manager, you control the project from start to finish.

Communicating with customers and making sure deadlines are met are important aspects of the job. There’s not much worse than a project that is behind schedule – except maybe one that is over budget.

Many pavement professionals are looking to convert their field experience into a big-picture career, which is why project managers are one of the fastest-growing asphalt construction jobs.

Equipment Operator

If you like hands-on constructions projects, then Equipment Operator is the position for you.

Excavators, front-end loaders, motor graders, dozers, and rubber-tire backhoes; there is a lot of equipment to operate on asphalt construction jobs and we’re always looking for solid professionals to take on the challenge.

So in 2016, put down your pencil and pick up some heavy machinery.

Change is good. And the New Year is the perfect opportunity to try new things. For more information about asphalt construction jobs at Pro-Pave, Inc. and our current openings, call us today at (703) 433-9500.

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