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When to Consider Commercial Waterproofing

Moisture control is one of the most important aspects of building maintenance. When moisture seeps into your building, it can bubble paint, grow black mold or worse. Waterproofing your commercial space is the answer! Waterproofing keeps your building clean and dry, much like putting a rain jacket over your property. Here are a few reasons
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Pro-Pave’s National and Local Association Memberships

When selecting the right business for the job, you want to always go with the industry experts. Pro-Pave, Inc. is a commercial concrete and asphalt business you can trust. We are the Mid-Atlantic’s go-to firm for large commercial paving projects. From Washington, D.C. to Virginia and beyond, Pro-Pave, Inc. is proud to belong to over
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Repair or Repave? We Have the Answers

Deciding whether to repair sections of a parking lot or completely repave the entire area is a big decision. Your first instinct as a business owner is to take the most cost-effective route possible. That may mean making minor repairs to small areas of the parking lot. However, there are tell-tale signs that it’s time
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