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Snow removal is the clearing of accumulated snow from roads, walkways, and driveways to make travel easier. It is done by governments, businesses, institutions, and individuals.

Snow makes roads and driveways slippery, making people prone to slip-and-fall accidents. Roads covered with snow could cause skidding due to lowered traction, which could cause accidents.

It’s essential to hire snow removal services to avoid lawsuits and retain your business’s aesthetics.

Why is Snow Removal Important

Customer Loss

Business owners understand the role aesthetics play when attracting customers. If layers of snow cover your driveway or parking lot, customers may take their business elsewhere simply because they couldn’t quickly get to you.

Most, if not all, customers prefer businesses that take measures to protect them and their image. Snow removal is about the convenience and safety of your customers.

Prevent Accidents

Snow makes the road slippery, increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents, causing minor injuries like scrapes and significant injuries like broken bones. Removing snow ensures the safety of your customers and employees at work and your loved ones and pets at home.

Prevent Ice Build-Up

Leaving snow out for a while leads to building up, which often results in ice formation, which is harder to clear. Snow removal can be done easily and by any individual, while ice removal requires professional expertise and can be more costly.

Makes Life Easier

Snow accumulation causes cars to get stuck in driveways, making traveling difficult. It also lowers traction, leading to skidding and dangerous driving in the snow. Removing snow makes it easier to move around, eliminating unnecessary delays and relieving frustration.

It’s the Law

Several states in the US, including DC Washington, have a legal requirement for snow removal around your driveways and sidewalks for a specific period. Failure to do so can result in being fined. 

Also, timely snow removal saves your company hours and money spent on legal suits over accidents that could happen on your business premises if snow is not removed.

Lawsuits are generally exhausting and expensive and can be avoided by being a law-abiding citizen.

How to Remove Snow

While most people still use the traditional shoveling snow method, it is not the most ideal for several reasons:

  • It is time-consuming and tiring
  • Can cause lower back injuries
  • One can fall and break a bone
  • Causes soft tissue injuries
  • Can lead to a heart attack

The easiest and most reliable way to get rid of snow is by using ice and snow melt products. All you need to do is place it around the snow and wait for it to melt in just a few minutes.

It is, however, important that you pick reliable ice and snow melt products. Depending on the material used to build your driveway, some snow melts can cause damage to either asphalt or concrete.

Washington D.C. Snow Removal Services

Washington DC snow removal services work with:

  • Commercial clients- local, state, and federal governments
  • General contractors
  • Property owners- military groups, schools, retail stores, etc.
  • Homeowner’s Association
  • Property managers

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