Types of Parking Lot Signage: A Comprehensive Guide for Property Managers

Parking lot signages play a huge role in achieving greater efficiency in car park management. A well-organized parking lot with appropriate and well-placed signs helps control traffic flow. They inform users about important aspects of the parking lot, such as traffic directions, where to park, and speed limits, making it safer for drivers and pedestrians. On top of that, parking lot signage provides property managers with a legal footing to stand should an accident occur. How do you know what signs to include in a parking lot? Read on to learn more about the common types of parking lot signs and their significance. 

Types of Parking Lot Signage 

Speed Limit Signs 

Drivers can easily lose track of their speed and put other users or property at risk. Strategically placing speed limit signs and accompanying them with speed control measures such as speed bumps can protect users and your property.

Directional Signs 

Directional signage with the parking ahead messages and arrows provides directions towards the parking lot. They are essential in organizing traffic movement within the parking lot. Directional signs can also be useful if you have a parking lot behind your facility. 

Handicap Signs 

Regulations demand that public establishments reserve parking spots for people with disabilities. Each reserved handicap parking spot should be accompanied by a reserved parking sign with clear instructions. 

No Parking Signs 

For convenience or compliance purposes, you may not want people parking in certain areas of the parking lot—for example, loading zones, fire lanes, dumpsters, and near entrances. It’s crucial to have no parking signs to prohibit people from parking in these areas. 

Entrance and Exit Signs 

Navigating your parking lot should be easy for drivers and pedestrians alike, and installing entrance and exit signs can help you achieve this. These signs help control traffic flow into and out of the parking lot. 

Reserved Signs 

You may want to reserve some spots in your parking lot for special VIPs and staff members. You can mark the selected spots with reserved signs so other users know where not to park. 

Instruction Signs 

Instruction signs are rare but essential for commercial parking lots. They provide useful instructional information to users, including warnings, stop, notices, parking rates, regulations, and more. 

Fire Lane Signs 

Commercial parking lot safety standards may force you to keep certain parking lot areas clear for the fire department. Cars are not allowed to be parked in these spots, so they must be kept clear by installing appropriate and visible fire lane signs. 

Final Thoughts 

As a property manager, there are various factors to consider, from pedestrians, drivers, and compliance, to your property in traffic and car park management. If left ungoverned, the parking lot can become chaotic with potentially serious legal implications. So, the safety of your parking lot users and the property greatly depends on the parking lot signs. When organizing your parking lot, you want to make sure there’s a plan for every possible situation. The signs discussed above are an excellent place to start. 

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