Top 3 Reasons to Consider Church Parking Lot Paving this Spring

Has your congregation considered church parking lot paving this spring?

No doubt you’re busy with the Easter season. But as the snow melts, it could reveal pavement problems that could affect more than just your church’s curb appeal.

Here are the top three reasons to have your parking lot re-paved this month.


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Top 3 Reasons to Consider Church Parking Lot Paving in March  

(1) Improve your members’ safety.  

Church congregations in the Washington, DC Metro area have grown more and more diverse. Is your parking lot safe for seniors to walk and drive on? Are the sidewalks safe for young children? What about any church members with disabilities? If there’s any room for improvement at all, consider church parking lot paving. It will go a long way in showing your concern for your members’ wellbeing.

(2) Help increase membership.  

Your church members are eager to welcome new visitors into the family. But an unkempt exterior could turn potential new members away. Have you surveyed any new members about their reactions to your building? Consider having your church parking lot repaved to help your building’s exterior reflect its inviting interior.

(3) Raise your property value.

Has your church membership grown? It’s never too early to start thinking about the next step. Will your current facility be large enough to accommodate continued growth? If your congregation is outgrowing your building, you might need to sell your property. And church parking lot paving could be a simple way to increase your property’s value.

What to Look for in Your Church Parking Lot Paver

Make sure the company you choose has these hallmarks of a good Washington, DC paver.

First, look for a history of church parking lot paving projects. Has the company completed church paving projects before? Second, look at the company’s online project portfolio. Do the photos reflect quality work? Finally, does the company have any referrals showing a high level of customer satisfaction?

Church Parking Lot Paving with Pro-Pave, Inc.

Pro-Pave, Inc. specializes in asphalt work and concrete construction for churches and other commercial properties in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

For more information about church parking lot paving, call Pro-Pave, Inc. today at (703) 433-9500.

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