Top 3 Myths About Asphalt Pavement

Asphalt pavement can be a great choice for your new road, trail, parking lot, or athletic court. But you might not think so if you believe the myths.

Misunderstandings about this popular paving material are keeping many people in the Washington, DC area from reaping its benefits.

Do you believe any of these myths?

Top 3 Myths About Asphalt Pavementasphalt pavement

Myth #1: Asphalt pavement hurts the environment.

Critics claim that asphalt plants produce emissions that contribute to global warming. Yet, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) removed them from its list of hazardous air pollutants years ago. Asphalt itself is said to contribute to the greenhouse effect by releasing heat back into the atmosphere. But it contributes no more heat than concrete roads do.

Myth #2: Asphalt pavement costs a fortune.

Accountants are apt to fear asphalt – if they believe the myth about its high costs. Yet paving roads with asphalt provides a two-way advantage. First, it has a lower upfront cost than does concrete. And second, it requires fewer repairs because of its durability. Asphalt pavement saves taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars each year!

Myth #3: Asphalt pavement wears out quickly.

Really? Then why did the Pentagon and Pennsylvania Avenue recently receive a new layer? Washington rarely gets everything right, but they know a durable pavement when they see one. Asphalt pavement can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy vehicles – with just a quick replacement of the surface layer.

Choosing an Asphalt Paver in Washington, DC

Asphalt has the potential to last for decades. But only if it is well-designed and well-built.

Before you hire a paving contractor in DC, Maryland, Virginia, or West Virginia, make sure the company has a track record of high-quality asphalt pavement projects. Start by viewing project photos on the paver’s website. Do they depict high-quality work? Is the company a member of key paving associations in the DMV area?

Make sure your paving contractor is reputable before you contract him or her to pave your school, church, apartment complex, or other project.

Asphalt Pavement Services at Pro-Pave, Inc.

Pro-Pave, Inc. provides a full range of concrete and asphalt pavement services for clients in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC. Projects include K-12 schools, higher education, military, retail, multi-family residential, and more.

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