Timeline for a Successful Commercial Paving Project

Commercial paving adds to your outlook and office’s curb appeal, sending the right message to potential clients.

Paving a driveway or a parking lot is not a matter to be taken lightly. It can be tasking, time-consuming and costly. With the workload that comes with a commercial paving project, you’ll want to get value for every cent that goes into it.

Benefits of a Commercial Paving Project

  • Delivers a great first impression project (aesthetic advantage)
  • The process is simple 
  • Using asphalt for commercial paving makes it multi-use
  • Commercial paving is a flexible solution
  • It has fewer delays and downtime
  • Commercial paving is cost-effective
  • Offers a low warranty cost
  • Guarantees better results

Details to Consider Beforehand

A lot goes into planning a successful commercial paving project.

Here are a few factors to consider:


How does your driveway or parking lot look? Before hiring anyone to help with the paving project, take a walk and look around your lot space to pinpoint any aesthetically-challenged spaces. A business’s outward appeal is vital in making the best first impression.

Potholes and Cracks

If you see several potholes in your parking lot, it might be time to resurface. Also, a variety of cracks, either large or small, is a great way to tell if your parking lot needs resurfacing or not.

Survey the Damage

Make sure that the extent of the damage is serious enough to consider a commercial paving project. Other options outside repaving can be considered.

For instance, if the damage is only minimal tiny cracks but the foundation is still firm and has a solid base, then applying cold asphalt patches could fix the problem.   

However, if the surface looks beaten up, has many potholes and large cracks, or has undergone many repairs over the years, replacement may be a more efficient and cost-effective long-term solution than continuing to repair an already compromised surface.

When’s the Best Time to Re-Pave?

When deciding to overhaul your existing parking lot, it’s important to pick a time that will have minimal impact or interference with your business proceedings to avoid incurring losses.

Construction Projects

It’s advisable to complete renovations, or major construction projects before starting on repaving projects. This is to avoid damage to your newly paved parking lot.

Timeline for a Successful Paving Project

All factors considered, proper planning for a paving project is vital to ensure the best results at the best prices.

The steps highlighted below assume that you planned for the project six months in advance:

  1. Call at least three trustworthy companies and get their pricing
  2. Choose an approach you feel fits your budgetary and performance needs
  3. Create a written bid document detailing what the job entails
  4. Mail the document to the three companies inviting them to an on-site pre-bid meeting to discuss the specifics of the job, the dates, and when the bid expires
  5. Choose the contractor that best fits your needs, after the best price of course

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