The Sustainability of Asphalt

Asphalt is one of the most common building materials in the world. It may surprise you to learn that it’s also one of the most sustainable products to use commercially. From production all the way to the actual pavement process, learn how asphalt is one of the globe’s most sustainable construction materials.


Sustainability of Asphalt

Asphalt is a combination of binder, filler and aggregates like crushed rock, gravel or other recycled materials. The recycled materials found in asphalt aggregate is a “green initiative” in itself. Most often, materials like rubber from tires or roofing shingles find their way into asphalt aggregate. When making more asphalt products, the industry reclaims nearly 65 million tons of its own product every year. This makes asphalt one of the leading recycling programs across most industries. 


When completing an asphalt paving project, it requires much less energy than other pavement options. Asphalt pavement projects typically take less time than other pavement projects, too. This is an important consideration for organizations to keep in mind when paving a new area. Asphalt sets quickly, so your organization can get back to business faster. 


One of the best features of asphalt pavement is that when properly produced and constructed, asphalt can last for a very long time. All that needs to be done after an asphalt paving project is proper maintenance. Maintenance usually looks like removing and replacing only the top layer of the asphalt. There is rarely a need to complete a total removal of the asphalt pavement. Plus, once the top layer is removed it then gets recycled to make more asphalt material. The maintenance can be done quickly, which saves money and time for busy business owners or organizations.


Asphalt has many other sustainability features that are good for humans, as well. Asphalt is known as a smooth surface for paved roads. Generally speaking, vehicle tires have better contact with asphalt roads, which can increase public safety. Asphalt is also a porous material. So when paving a parking lot, bike path or road with asphalt, it helps with runoff in high traffic areas. 


As we mentioned above, asphalt is a porous material, but did you know that it is also effective at preventing leaks? Asphalt is a great environmental barrier for leaks, which is why it’s used in some of society’s most important places, like drinking water reservoirs. 


When it comes to the actual creation of asphalt, greenhouse gases and emissions are very low and properly controlled. From production to pavement, there are many reasons to choose asphalt as your organization’s building material of choice. It’s sustainable, environmentally-friendly and easy to maintain.


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