The ABC’s of Commercial Asphalt Construction

Winter break is over and school is back in session. Your guest professor for the day will be Pro-Pave, Inc., and the class? The ABC’s of Commercial Asphalt Construction.

You say you’re in the market for a paving contractor, but simply don’t have time for an in-depth course about the inner-workings of the industry? No problem. Here are some footnotes:

  • A is for Asphalt (obviously) – But what grade? Asphalt is composed of various sizes of stone, sand, and other elements, and a wide variety of mixtures are available – some of which are sturdier and more resilient than others. A professional commercial asphalt construction specialist should be consulted to ensure the desired surface for your paving job. To that end, you’ll want to find the most qualified contractor for your service area, which leads us to…
  • B is for Background Check: Prior to hiring a contractor for your commercial asphalt construction project, it is strongly encouraged that you do some research. While a number of options are available to meet most paving needs, the associated costs are far from pocket change, and a quality job hinges on hiring an established, well-reviewed company with an impeccable track record. Make time to review portfolios for your paving prospects and, if possible, visit previous work sites. Both theNational Asphalt Paving Association and The Better Business Bureau suggest verifying a prospective contractor’s license and bond status, as well as its complaint resolution history.
  • C is for Crew: A commercial asphalt construction company should maintain an adequately sized crew for any conceivable job – from milling to excavation and beyond – populated with team members who are knowledgeable of their field and efficient in their practice.
  • C is also for Concrete: Concrete paving is a heavy-duty and versatile alternative to the more cost-effective asphalt, but both require the same care and attention to detail in regards to application.

Thanks to its straightforward and streamlined approach to paving, Pro-Pave has earned repeat business from some of the nation’s top building contractors. Our team members – many of whom have been involved since the company’s 2001 launch –are among the industry’s most experienced professionals, and use only the highest-quality materials.

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