Sealcoating Explained

Sealcoating is a very common term in the paving industry and you may have questions about what it means. If sealcoating has ever been brought up as a consideration for your commercial parking surface, we have the answers you are looking for! The experts at Pro Pave Inc. have assembled a comprehensive list all about sealcoating. Keep reading below for a detailed explanation, plus maintenance tips for after sealcoating is performed.




What is Sealcoating?

Let’s start with the basics: what is sealcoating? Sealcoating is the application of a liquid coating to asphalt pavement surfaces. As the name implies, when this specially-formulated liquid dries over the surface, it hardens to effectively “seal” the pavement. Once hardened, the sealcoat can protect asphalt surfaces from water damage, sun exposure and harsh chemicals that can break down asphalt surfaces over time. Without getting too technical, sealcoating is made of binder, aggregate, water and additives. One of the pros of sealcoating is that it makes parking surfaces smoother to drive on. Another important consideration to sealcoating is that it’s a preventative measure for your commercial parking lot surfaces. Sealcoating cannot repair a damaged surface, but rather it is applied in advance to better protect your asphalt surfaces. 


How long does Sealcoating last?

Sealcoating is a big investment, so as a business owner, you may be wondering how long this kind of application could last on your asphalt surfaces. When applied properly, you can expect a sealcoating application to protect your asphalt surfaces for up to three years. Usually it takes two full applications for the sealcoating to set properly and remain effective throughout the next few years.


What is the investment?

Every sealcoating project is different and depends on many factors, like the size of your parking lot space and how much prep work is needed before starting. Be sure to contact a professional paving company to get a quote before starting. Sealcoating can consistently extend the life of your asphalt pavement surface. 


How long should a business wait after sealcoating?

We recommend that customers not drive or operate machinery on a newly sealcoated surface for at least 48 hours to give the application time to set. The surface needs time to cure after being sealcoated and all water needs to evaporate out of the sealer. On cooler days or days with little sunlight, it can take up to the full 48 hours to cure. 


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