STOP! Is Your School Parking Lot Signage Up to Date?

school-parking-lot-signageIn a matter of weeks, schools will be back in session across the country, and parking lots that have for months served only as makeshift skate parks and overflow for the annual firemen’s carnival will once again be bustling with carpools and school buses, harried teachers, and the young minds they shape.

While the actual learning will be happening just beyond the front doors, there is no shortage of critical information on display in the parking lot, itself. School parking lot signage is essential to keeping school grounds safe, secure, and informative. If these signs are poorly phrased, placed, or – worse – illegible, than you, as a property manager, will receive poor marks from your constituents before they’ve even set foot on the property.

High visibility is a must, as parking lots are continually subject to foot traffic, particularly by children. Your signage is also a direct reflection of your school and its ideals and should convey a sense of respect for the people who park there.

So – is your school parking lot signage up to date? Consider the following before the first day back.

  • Directional. Can new students and their parents spot your school from the main road? Once on school property, are there ample way markers directing traffic to the main entrance and administrative offices? Are they worn, in disrepair, or hidden by growth that sprouted up over the course of the summer? Equally important, how does one exit? Proper placement of exit signs can substantially cut down on confusion and frustration as the buses begin to line up and the walkers begin to scatter once the school bell rings.
  • Pedestrian/School Crossing. Schools are subject to short, concentrated bursts of high volume traffic early in the morning and again in the mid-to-late afternoon, when a driver’s mind is striving to balance the various needs of the day. It’s not that we’re oblivious to those within the crosswalk, or ignorant or insubordinate when it comes to the law of the land. Sometimes, though, a bright yellow reminder to “slow down” can prove invaluable.
  • Speed Limit. Hurried drivers on a mission tend to not keep an eye on the speedometer. Like pedestrian crossing signage, speed limit notifications send a message to those behind the wheel that they can no longer travel at highway – or even residential – speeds.
  • Handicap Parking: Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is the law. Make sure the handicap signage designed by the Federal Highway Administration is clearly marked and stationed.
  • Fire Lanes: Prohibiting – and enforcing – parking in spaces reserved for emergency vehicles is yet another step in maintaining a safe environment for children and their families.
  • Stop Signs. They’re a red hot classic for a reason. Just one look and the message is received – loud and clear.

Of course, no school would be complete without the requisite faculty signs that designate spots for the principal, the teacher of the month, maintenance crews, and more. If your school parking lot signage is in need of a touch-up or a complete revamp, ProPave, Inc. can help. We offer routine, scheduled maintenance, restoration, and emergency repairs, and can help your school make the grade before the first bell rings this semester. Call us today at (703) 433-9500.

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