Pavement Projects at HOAs

If you own and manage a property or homeowners association, don’t underestimate the value of your community’s paved roads and parking space surfaces. Not only do well-maintained roads and parking areas keep your residents safe, but they also greatly enhance the curb appeal of your community’s property values. One of the most important considerations before beginning a new pavement project in your HOA is how the construction work will affect your residents. The last thing you want as a HOA owner is to drag out a project that disrupts the lifestyle of your residents, even if the end goal is a better looking property. Pro Pave Inc. has rounded up a few helpful considerations before beginning your next pavement projects at your HOA below. 


Pavement Projects


Plan the Project Right the First Time

As mentioned above, the last thing you want to do before starting a new pavement project is inconvenience your residents. Most homeowner associations require a fee to live in a certain neighborhood and residents will come to expect the best possible return on that investment. So when creating a plan for a new pavement or repair project in your community, you’ll want to take the time to sit down and properly plan out the project. Choosing to work with an accredited and professional pavement company is your first step. When you select the right pavement company, they will know the necessary steps and a projected timeline to create minimal disruption to your resident’s lives. 


Create Phases for the Project

If the scale of work to be done on your project is pretty significant, then you may want to consider breaking the project up into phases. Completing all the work at once could lead to major traffic delays for your residents that they may not like. Breaking the project up into three or four phases can help ease the burden of the construction. The pavement company you decide to work with can also create alternative routes with clear signage, so that your residents can still get around the property easily and with little headache. 


Plan for the Future

When planning out your project, it’s important to not only address the immediate needs of your community, but the future ones too. A professional pavement company will know the proper way to create a paved surface, with the best possible drainage for stormwater and other considerations. 


Connect With Pro-Pave, Inc. 

As mentioned above, choosing the right pavement company is imperative to making this process easier. Pro-Pave, Inc. has established a reputation as one of the Washington, DC area’s most reliable paving companies. We know everything to know about asphalt paving. 


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