How Thermoplastic Paving Markings Can Save Lives

If you have a parking lot that needs new markings laid down, thermoplastic paving markings can give you a leg up over regular paint. Keep reading to find out how thermoplastic paving markings can save not only your company money in 2022 but can also save countless lives!

What are Thermoplastics?

A thermoplastic is a polymer, it becomes liquid when heated and then solidifies as it cools. Thermoplastics are used widely across multiple industries like consumer goods, machine parts, medical equipment, and road safety pavement markings. When it is installed for pavement markings, it is heated to nearly 400 degrees and then applied to a paved surface using a template. 

The template is then removed so the thermoplastic can dry and what is left is an easily readable and durable marking. The cooling process is so fast that it can be driven on within a few minutes after application. Thermoplastics are used to mark handicap spots, keep clear signs, reserved space markings, stop signs, stop lines, slow signs, pedestrian crosswalk lines, signs, and so much more. They are even used for marking highway divider lanes. 


There are lots of benefits that come with using thermoplastics for pavement markings. Thermoplastic is much brighter than normal paint and will be easier for pedestrians and drivers to read. This increases the level of safety in your parking lot, which is great for customer and employee satisfaction. Additionally, the glass beads in the thermoplastic make the surface antiskid, making it safer during snow and rain seasons. 

Thermoplastics also last six to eight times longer than normal paint. This will save you money by having the surface repainted in the future. The application also only requires a few tools: a template, brush, and gas burner. This simplicity reduces the time during the application process and the overall cost of the process. 

Pavement Markings Save Lives in 2022

Visible road markings in 2022 can help create optimum driving conditions for road users by making sure that they can actually see the markings. This is especially known to be a problem in dark and wet conditions and is a huge factor to consider when making the roads in 2022 safer. But modern navigation technology which can be found in cars today is also very dependent on the right type of markings.

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