How Often Should You Be Re-striping Your Parking Lot?

Re-striping is a crucial part of parking lot maintenance. A well-maintained parking lot with fresh and crisp stripes provides a sense of organization, improved safety, and functionality. Fresh stripes also enhance the overall appearance of your parking lot, which as a result, invites more customers to your business. So how often should you re-stripe your parking lot to enjoy the benefits above? Read on to find out the ideal re-striping frequency for your parking lot. 

Parking Lot Re-striping Frequency 

How often you should re-stripe your parking lot is a question with no clear and straightforward answer. This is because a wide range of factors unique to every parking lot are involved. The following factors should inform your decision on when and how frequently to re-stripe that parking lot. 

Traffic patterns and frequency of use 

The stripes chip away slowly as vehicles pass over. So, the heavier the traffic and the more frequent vehicle use, the faster the paint wears down. So, it’s in your best interest to schedule a regular re-stripping routine at short intervals if you have a busy parking lot to keep the stripes in their best condition. 

Weather conditions 

Another important factor to consider is the prevalent environmental conditions in your location. The sun, snow, rain and other weather elements can cause the stripes to fade with time. 


Re-striping your parking lot should be part and parcel of your ground’s routine maintenance program. Parking lot re-striping is investable, especially if you’re sealcoating or resurfacing your pavement altogether. 


Parking lot stripes should last up to two years, depending on traffic and weather elements. However, experts advise checking the condition of the stripes after every 12 or 18 months. If you notice they start to fade after a year, it’s important to schedule an annual re-stripping routine. 

Pavement type and condition 

The type of pavement determines how long parking lot stripes last. Usually, stripes on concrete parking lots last longer than on asphalt parking lot. Also, the pavement condition determines how long the striping will last. 

Call the Experts at Pro Pave, Inc. 

The importance of parking lot stripes goes beyond improving the look of your pavement area. Along with other markings, they provide traffic directions and space designations that add value and logic to your parking area. If your pavement lacks or has inadequately marked stripes, it poses serious safety concerns with potential legal ramifications. 

Public parking lots should be well-marked with clear stripes for purposes of appearance, safety and functionality. But keeping the stripes fresh and in their best condition is challenging for many. The tips above should help you decide when to re-stripe your parking lot. Even better, contact Pro Pave, Inc. for all your re-striping needs. 

At Pro Pave Inc., we understand that re-striping is important in conveying a professional image to customers. So, we deliver the best quality re-striping services at affordable rates. To find out more, please get in touch with us today or call us at  (703) 433-9500

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