Determining If Crack Seal Service Should Be Performed To Your Commercial Asphalt In Winter

Key Takeaways:

  • Cracks can develop in asphalt pavement due to vehicle stresses and wear and tear, age, and extreme temperatures.
  • Cracks can ruin the visual aesthetics of parking lots & add to liability & compliance issues, leading to reduced visitors & a decline in revenue.
  • Despite the cold, there are ways to prepare commercial pavement for crack seal– provided appropriate equipment & tools are used in the process.
  • Cracks must be cleaned, routed, washed & dried, & warmed before installing a hot-pour filler. Cold pour fillers can be used without prep, but they are a temporary solution.
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As a commercial Property Manager, you might be used to the sinking feeling that comes with the winter chill & cracked pavement. Your maintenance budget may be spot on, but when winters in the DMV can drop as low as 26 Fahrenheit, there’s a chance that the extreme weather can cause distress and cracks in your asphalt. When your commercial property is strewn with cracks – bigger issues are likely to arise!

  • The winter effects cause retraction & cracking. These cracks can continue to expand into potholes or larger square footage damage that may necessitate less cost-effective repairs.
  • The cracks render any seal coat useless as the moisture & snow can now intrude on the lower layers of the pavement.
  • The cracks also become an eyesore & a deterrent – and if yours is a large-scale parking lot – you are missing out on potential revenue & clientele.
  • Any snow plowing will only exacerbate the pavement’s condition – come summer, you might have asphalt stripping.
  • Asphalt milling and overlay comes to a standstill in frigid temperatures lower than 40 degrees – a rule that can be bent for cracks’ sake – if you know the right way to prep your pavement for crack fixing – and the right contractor!

So, how does one get about crack sealing in the dead of winter? Typically, crack seal is ideally performed in Spring or Fall, but can be executed in temperatures of 40 degrees and rising. Suppose you have an emergency crack repair situation; there are essential implementations that reliable, experienced asphalt contractors like Brothers Paving & Concrete commit to rendering during each and every crack seal service in this weather.

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Prepping Commercial Pavement for Crack Filling

Confirming Utility Contact Points

It may be necessary to contact a municipal official or procure a survey map of your paved plot to confirm whether the crack passes over or is close to utility connections. Brothers Paving and Concrete, the nation’s premier asphalt paving contractor in the DMV, can identify & mark any caution or offset spots for utility connections.


Debris & Snow Removal

With anything asphalt, clean surfaces are a must as they allow for optimal adhesion & binding between the filler & the deteriorated asphalt. It also helps with the later sealing of the filled crack. Debris includes any mud, dirt, sand, leaves, organic flora, and even oil stains or chemical spills – all these must be removed from the pavement’s surface.

Experienced and reputable asphalt contractors like Brothers Paving & Concrete understand this is an imperative step in a crack seal service. The cleaner the crack & pavement, the firmer the fill & seal.


Drain Pooled Meltwater

Even if it’s not winter, & snow melt, there is still enough rain in the DMV to cause water to pool around or on the pavement. Nonetheless, drain the crack (or cracks) of any form of liquid moisture. You don’t want water to get sealed in, as it will weaken the seal’s stability and affect the adhesion between the asphalt & sealant.

Cleaning and Drying

In the preparation process, a leaf blower will be used to eliminate any moisture in the crack.

A power washer will be used to remove debris.

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Suppose the thought of hefty emergency asphalt repair bills perturbs you. You can rest assured that Brothers Paving & Concrete’s crack seal service will extend the life of your asphalt paving investment.

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