Common Asphalt Mistakes to Avoid

Asphalt is one of the most useful and popular materials when it comes to paving. In the United States alone, over 300 metric tons of asphalt are used each year. If you’re planning to do an asphalt project, there are a few things you can do to avoid common asphalt mistakes. 


Common Asphalt Mistakes

Plan Your Asphalt Project


First and foremost, it’s super important to plan out your asphalt project. You should be familiar with the measurements of the area you’re paving and have an understanding of asphalt in general. 


Using high-quality asphalt is one of the most important factors in preventing a mistake when laying asphalt. It’s so worth it to spend the extra amount to ensure that your project is completed properly and has a sleek and smooth finish. 


When paving,  if you use too much or too little product, it can turn into a big problem. If you’re paving on a driveway, you should be familiar with the grade of the driveway or area you are working on. Things such as the slope of the driveway can make or break your project.


Controlling the Asphalt


Additionally, you need to know how to control the asphalt that you’re working with. If you use too much in one spot, it can result in uneven paving, leaving lines or distortions in the asphalt. This can happen if you apply the material too quickly as well. Laying asphalt is an art, not a race. Ensure that you are creating even and dense enough layers to prevent the area from cracking. 


Improper compaction can have a negative effect on your project, too. Not compacting the asphalt in the correct way can lead to deformations and streaking. In addition, using an asphalt sealer is crucial to a successful project. Not sealing the area leaves it vulnerable to weather, which can destroy your asphalt over time. 


Asphalt is extremely difficult to do on your own, especially if you do not have proper training or experience using the complex equipment it takes to properly lay asphalt. 


Work with a Commercial Asphalt Paving Professional


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