Commercial Parking Lot Restriping Goes Beyond Good Looks

The list of things that go well with stripes is a relatively short one. Zebras, tigers, and Gremlins come to mind. And, of course, commercial parking lots.

For property owners, commercial parking lot restriping is a relatively low-cost service that can drastically improve curb appeal while ensuring that the first impressions of your visitors and clientele are overwhelmingly positive.

Parking lot striping wears away over time, with deterioration beginning almost the moment paint is applied. Exposure to weather conditions and traffic volume greatly contribute to this wear and tear. Because of that, it remains one of the most common and routine kinds of asphalt maintenance, and restriping is recommended for high-traffic lots once every 1-2 years.

But restriping does much more than give your asphalt and concrete a pretty face. Vibrant paint and sharp, straight lines can go a long way to make things look new again, but the need for striping transcends aesthetics.

Here are three ways commercial parking lot restriping goes beyond good looks:

  • It creates structure. A parking lot without adequately defined spaces or directional guides can be a chaotic and confusing experience in today’s society. And customers who are subject to this may be far less inclined to make a return visit. Commercial parking lot restriping can identify and delineate the borders of spaces. The busier your lot, the more critical this will be.
  • It promotes safety. Accidents happen, and even more so when the drivers attempting to navigate your lot cannot discern where to go, when to stop, or how to get from A to B. And these are accidents that you could be held liable for.
  • It is the law. Commercial property owners are responsible for ensuring that their lots are up to code and operating within regulations. Commercial lots must remain compliant with certain ADA standards for accessible design, while having surfaces properly stenciled for no loading zones, fire lanes, pedestrian crosswalks, and more will ensure that property owners don’t get strapped with city violations or fines.

Pro-Pave, Inc., offers a full range of asphalt services for roads, parking lots, trails, and athletic courts, including expert striping and signage work. If your commercial parking lot is in need of a facelift, give us a call.

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