Can You Pour Asphalt Over Concrete?

Choosing what type of pavement you need isn’t always easy, and you probably haven’t spent time thinking about the pros and cons of asphalt vs. concrete. One question we often receive is if it’s possible to pour asphalt over concrete. In this article, we’re covering if it is possible, factors to consider, and the benefits of asphalt for your paving needs.

Is It Possible To Pour Asphalt Over Concrete?

Yes, it is possible and safe to pave over concrete with asphalt, and there are concrete roads paved over every year. However, there are a few things to consider before taking the next step for your pavement needs in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, or Washington D.C.

Potential For Concrete Contraction and Expansion

It’s common knowledge that concrete expands and contracts with temperature changes; hotter temperatures cause it to expand while colder temperatures cause it to contract. Concrete also shifts over time due to expansion joints, causing the concrete to crack. Eventually, the asphalt on top of the concrete also cracks in the same spot. This is why it’s important to maintain asphalt and fill in cracks as soon as possible.

Check Concrete Sub-base

Before pouring pavement over your concrete, it’s important to ensure that you have a compact sub-base and a flat surface. One way to check is to dig up the concrete, but another is to check for tilted slabs and cracks. If you’ve driven over a concrete road with rhythmic bumps, chances are the concrete slabs have moved from their original position on an unstable base.

After checking your concrete and not discovering anything that would disrupt the quality of asphalt poured over it, below are a few benefits of asphalt paving.

Easier to Repair

Asphalt is very easy to repair as all it needs is a professional to apply a sealant and take care of any splits, holes, or cracks. In some instances of severe damage, either due to neglect or other causes despite maintenance, you might need an infrared asphalt heater and a professional asphalt maintenance contractor to provide extensive repairs.

Easy To Install

Installing asphalt is a reasonably easy, if time-consuming, process. Usually, the first step is to demolish the old pavement and clear away the debris, but you don’t have to demolish concrete to lay down asphalt. The profession makes sure to grade the slop to ensure proper water runoff and drainage. Then it’s time to proof roll, which locates soft areas, checks compactions, and provides consistent support for the pavement structure.

Easy To Maintain

It’s incredibly easy to maintain asphalt to ensure it lasts as long as possible. If you have a busy parking lot, the general rule states that you have it cleaned once per month as cars bring gravel and other debris that damages the asphalt. Oil and fuel leaks deteriorate the condition of the asphalt if not cleaned off. If you notice any potholes or cracks, those need fixing immediately and apply a sealant for sizeable cracks.

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