Benefits of Summer Asphalt Pouring: Advantages of Warm Weather Paving

Many factors go into pavement installation, chief among them being the right time to complete the project. You might want to get the project done right away, but wrong timing can lead to costly mistakes and long-term effects. Determining the ideal time for asphalt paving is crucial for installing quality, sturdy, and durable pavement. Summer is considered the best time of the year to get work done on your property, including pavement installation. So, why is summer the ideal season for asphalt paving? 

Read on to learn more about why the season has the right conditions for asphalt pouring and why you should consider paving during summer. 

Advantages of Asphalt Pouring During Summer 

Warmer Weather Conditions 

The hot mix asphalt does well in warmer temperatures, so the warmer summer weather ensures the mix maintains a stable temperature. Ideally, hot asphalt mix should be kept at 70° Fahrenheit or above, achievable only in the warmest part of the year. The warmer summer weather helps maintain the pliability of the asphalt, making the overall asphalt pouring process easier. On the other hand, cold temperatures can shorten the installation process, affecting the stability of the material. 

Reduced Risk of Inclement Weather 

The lower likelihood of inclement weather makes summer the best time of the year for asphalt pouring. The warm and steady summer temperatures are necessary for the hot mixture to settle and harden uninterrupted. Rains or instances of cold temperatures being less likely means the quality of the materials and bond will not be affected. Longer Daytime Hours 

Another benefit of asphalt paving is the extended hours of sunlight. Longer daytime hours can be the difference between completing the job and asphalt having more time to settle in one day or pushing the remaining work the next day. Everything done in a single day lowers labor costs and makes it more convenient since the parking area is shut down for only a day. 

More Efficient Application 

The asphalt installation process is quite involving, demanding certain tools, machines, and equipment and the ideal asphalt mixture at the right temperature. When asphalt is laid during the warmer summer season with extended daytime hours and reduced risk of inclement weather, contractors have all the time they need to pay attention to details and get the job done right. 

Faster Sealant Drying Time 

Once asphalt is poured, quality, breathable, and latex sealant is applied for asphalt to bond. The surface should be given enough time to dry before use. The time it takes for the sealant to absorb into the asphalt and dry will vary, but the process is usually faster and more efficient in the summer. 

Bottom Line 

Determining the ideal time for asphalt pouring is just as important as choosing a good contractor, quality materials, or equipment. It is a factor that you cannot afford to downplay. With that said, summer has always been the best time for completing critical projects such as asphalt paving, and in case you’ve always wondered why, now you’re in the know. You will appreciate the numerous benefits summer asphalt pouring will bring to your pavement and property as a whole. 

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